Why has my child been nominated?


Children are usually nominated for a Derby Kids’ Camp holiday by their school (by the head teacher, Senco or child’s teacher) and will be aged between 8 and 11 years old.

We invite aroud 60 local primary / junior schools to nominate a number of children who they believe would most benefit from these free holidays during the summer school break.

Derby Kids’ Camp may not always be made aware why your child has been nominated, but the following list provides a wide range of social and economic reasons why children have been nominated for a DKC holiday in the past:

  • Financial difficulties for the family
  • Single parent families
  • Cared-for children (children in foster care or the care of Social Services)
  • Children living in the care of grandparents / older relatives
  • Children whose parents / carers have a disability or severe illness
  • Young carers and children with siblings with additional needs
  • Children who have experienced the death of a parent or close family member
  • Children struggling to interact with friends and peers
  • Children whose family needs some respite
  • Children who have experienced domestic violence in the family / household
  • Children whose school would like to reward for their behaviour / performance despite difficult circumstances
  • Children whose parents have recently separated
  • Children who do not speak English as a first language to encourage communication skills
  • Children from large siblings groups

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the reason for your child’s nomination may not be listed above.

If you are unsure or concerned as to why your child has been nominated, then please feel free to discuss it with a staff member at school or with the Derby Kids’ Camp campleader.