Are the helpers awesome? (or grumpy grown-ups!)


The Helpers on Camp are completely awesome (of course!) and much better at everything than all your school teachers added together!

We’ll be looked after on our Summer Camp holiday by a group of helpers who are more fun than a bunch of kittens dressed as clowns with a ball of string each made of loom bands with an ice cream tied to the end! (With a flake). (And strawberry sauce).

The helpers on Camp are there to make sure that every single child is having the most fun and exciting holiday, that we’re always happy, well fed, doing a brilliant activity, going on an awesome trip and making lots of ace new friends.

The helpers on Camp all have different jobs – looking after us children, cooking the food, organising sports activities, organising craft activities, looking after anyone who might be a little bit poorly, reading us a story at bedtime, dressing up in daft outfits – loads of different things to make sure we’re having the best holiday ever!

You will have 2 or 3 Group Leaders for your group who you will get to know extra well, who will always be there to make sure you’re happy and well looked after. If you have any questions, any worries or just want to tell an adult ‘This is the best holiday ever and Derby Kids’ Camp helpers are just awesome‘ (The helpers told me say that!) – then your Group Leaders are the one’s to talk to!