How are children


The children invited on a Derby Kids’ Camp holiday are nominated by around 60 of our local primary and junior schools, rather than chosen by ourselves.

Each of our schools is given a number of free holiday places and are asked to nominate the children aged 8 to 11 years old who they feel would most benefit from a holiday.

There are many reasons why a child will be nominated, and we’re not always made aware of this reason for each child.

Here are just some of the wide range of social and economic reasons why children have been nominated for a DKC holiday in the past:

  • Financial difficulties for the family
  • Single-parent families needing respite
  • Cared-for children (children in foster care or the care of Social Services)
  • Children living in the care of grandparents or older relatives
  • Children whose parents/carers have a disability or severe illness
  • Young carers and children with siblings with additional needs
  • Children who have experienced the death of a parent or close family member
  • Children struggling to interact with friends and peers
  • Children whose family needs some respite
  • Children who have experienced domestic violence in the family or household
  • Children whose school would like to reward their behaviour/performance despite difficult circumstances
  • Children whose parents have recently separated
  • Children who do not speak English as a first language, to encourage communication skills
  • Children from large sibling groups

Nominations are normally made in May of each year, and if your child is offered a place, a member of the Derby Kids’ Camp management team will be in touch in June to arrange a home visit.

At the home visit, we’ll complete a Child Consent Form, tell you and your child all about what happens on camp and answer any questions you may have.

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Nominations are sometimes also accepted via Social Services and other support agencies, although we are not able to guarantee these places.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept direct nominations from family or carers. If you feel your child or a child you know would significantly benefit from a holiday with Derby Kids’ Camp, please contact the child’s school and ask if they are able to consider nominating the child on your behalf.