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Find out about volunteering

This is where you’ll find out all about your Summer Camp holiday and all the fun things to do – without the helpers finding out!

These are the pages for all the kids who are coming on Camp this year and all the kids who have been away on Camp before! Do I have to do any homework? Can I play football all day? and Do I have to wear clean pants and brush my teeth?!.. (‘No, Maybe, Yes and Yes’, by the way!)

If this year is the first time you’ll be going on Camp, you might be super excited or (secretly!) maybe a little bit nervous?!

So let’s make sure that you know as much about Summer Camp and your holiday before we arrive on Camp…

…and if you have any questions about your holiday that you can’t find an answer for here, you could ask your school teacher or even send us an email! Send your question to and we’ll make sure your question is answered

Take a look at our Summer Camp videos!

The very best way to see what your holiday is going to be like is to watch our cool videos! You’ll get to see the helpers, the tents, the activities and hear from some of the children who have been on Camp before (They’ll tell you what it’s really like!)

Get a drink, get a lolly, put your feet up and enjoy DKC TV…