What activities will there be at Camp?


We’re going to have the most exciting adventure on our Summer Camp holiday this year!
And we have so many activities, trips and adventures each day we’re all going to be worn out by the end of it…

We’ve got sports and crafts and trips and adventure playgounds and cave climbing and model making and football and jewellery making and campfires and swimming and animals and shopping and magicians and talent shows and… I’ve run out of breath!

Whether you like to run and shout and bounce and play – or if you prefer to be a bit quieter and calmer – Kids’ Camp has so many amazing different activities for everyone to enjoy.


Our day trips on the coach include a trip to the farm and adventure playground for the day, where you’ll get to meet all the farm animals and then have the most amazing afternoon going wild at the adventure playground!

We also go to the swimming baths (don’t worry if you can’t swim – we’ll just splash around and make loads of noise!) and we also go shopping to buy some toys or souveniers (and a few sweets when the helpers aren’t looking!)


On some days we have extra helpers come to visit us on Camp with some brilliant entertainment! One night we have a group of real magicians come to put on a show just for us. Sometimes an animal man comes with some awesome (and cute and scary!) animals like giant rabbits, snakes, spiders, tree frogs, chinchillas, giant bugs and other stuff!

And then some nights we might have a disco or a party or a talent show when we get to do our best acts like singing or dancing or telling jokes or a magic trick or juggling!


We have loads of sports equipment and play loads of games on Camp. We have our own football field in the middle of Camp, plus swingball, hockey, cricket, stilts, frisbees, juggling, badminton, and lots more!


If you love painting, drawing, making and modelling… we have a whole tent FULL of brilliant crafts! Paints, pens, glitter, paper, skoobies, key rings, paper mache, loom bands and a whole lot more.

Camp fires:

If the weather is nice before we go to bed, we get to have campfires in the evening when the helpers teach us all daft songs and dances, or tell us even dafter stories and if we’re lucky we get cocoa before bed!